Release: Feels like forever

City: Melbourne

Genre: Punk rock

For fans of: Blink 182, Sum 41, Yellowcard, Boxcar Racer

“I can’t remember ever feeling this insane,

Feels like forever but it’s only just been days”

The time in lockdown has been very productive for Melbourne’s punk rock trio Drastic Park. Their latest single “Feels like forever” dropped yesterday and it’s a banger.  Summing up the isolation feels with the help of friends and fans, the single was written, recorded, mixed and mastered remotely by the boys during social isolation. There seems to be no end to DP’s talents!

With the addition of new drummer, Joe Larwood (Steadfast), John Stokes and Chris Tannahill have once again produced the goods with a catchy, fast paced, hook filled single that they are quickly becoming known for. Giving you an upbeat take on what is a shit situation this could well be our isolation anthem while waiting for that happy ending!

Go and give the new single a suss, check out the video (you may see some familiar faces!) and follow their socials via the links below:





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